Oil resistant safety shoes are a vital piece of equipment for anyone working in the oil and gas industry.

These worksites can be treacherous, with spills, leaks, and wet surfaces creating a constant risk of slips, trips, and falls.

Proper safety gear is crucial in mitigating these hazards, and oil resistant shoes play a key role in keeping workers safe and sound.

Why Oil Resistant Safety Shoes Matter

Oil and gas rigs can be slippery places.

When oil comes into contact with regular footwear, it creates a hazardous situation.

Slips, trips, and falls can lead to serious injuries, causing downtime and impacting worker well-being.

Oil resistant shoes are designed to combat this risk.

How Oil Resistant Shoes Work

Oil resistant work shoes typically have specially designed soles made from rubber compounds like nitrile or neoprene.

These materials create a barrier between your feet and the oil, preventing it from adhering to the soles and reducing the risk of slipping.

Choosing the Right Oil Resistant Shoes

Not all oil resistant shoes are created equal.

When selecting a pair, consider these factors:

Slip Resistance

Look for shoes with a high slip-resistance rating. Certifications like ASTM F2413-18 indicate a shoe’s ability to grip wet and oily surfaces.

Toe Protection

Steel or composite toe caps can safeguard your feet from falling objects, a common hazard in oil and gas operations.

Ankle Support

High-top shoes offer additional ankle stability, which can be beneficial on uneven terrain or when carrying heavy equipment.


Oil resistant shoes shouldn’t compromise comfort. Opt for shoes with breathable materials and good arch support to prevent fatigue during long shifts.

Puncture Resistance

For workers who might encounter sharp objects, puncture-resistant soles can provide extra security.

Chemical Resistance

If exposure to specific chemicals is a risk, choose shoes with chemical-resistant uppers.

Invest in Oil Resistant Safety Shoes, Invest in Your Workforce’s Future

Investing in high-quality oil resistant safety shoes for your oil and gas workforce is not just about protecting your employees – it’s about protecting your business.

Reduced downtime due to injuries, improved worker morale, and a commitment to safety can all contribute to a more productive and profitable operation.

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