5 Mistakes Employers Make that can Lead to Foot Injury

How Safety Shoes Protect Workers from Foot Injury At any worksite, one of the most essential gear is safety shoes to prevent foot injury. However, foot injury still happens at an alarming rate. Although there are many factors, one that can be resolved easily is if employers make the right choice in safety shoes. As […]

Complete Features of DOSH SIRIM Certified Safety Shoes

DOSH SIRIM Certified Safety Shoes Features Employers must always ensure their worker’s put their best foot forward. The Malaysian OSH regulations require all employers to provide DOSH SIRIM certified safety shoes. Failure to do so may lead to legal issues that can detriment your company. So here are the features of DOSH SIRIM safety shoes […]

6 Ways Safety Shoes Protect Workers

How DOSH SIRIM Certified Safety Shoes Protect Workers Employers are responsible to provide and insist their workers to wear safety shoes on the job. There is no question why personal protective equipment (PPE) is so important, especially safety shoes. The Malaysian OSH regulations has a strict ruling on work safety. In any worksite, one staple […]

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