Tough work requires heavy-duty Boxter safety boots

When working tough jobs, there are many dangers that can be prevented with the proper safety boots to protect your feet.

That is why Boxter safety boots are among the best safety footwear designed to protect workers even in the toughest conditions.

Features You Should Consider

Before you purchase safety shoes for your employees, consider the following:

Safety boots toe cap and midsole

Prevent injury from falling objects and underfoot penetration by wearing safety boots with toe caps and midsoles.

Steel is a popular choice for toe caps and midsoles in safety footwear.

More information: 3 Types of Safety Shoe Toe Caps For The Best Protection


A good pair of safety boots are well worth the money you spend on them since you will be wearing them all day on site.

Moreover, while purchasing high-quality safety shoes cost more initially, they will last considerably longer and will pay for themselves in the long run.

Support and comfortability

Being on your feet all day might be challenging if you are not wearing the proper work boots.

Hence, when shopping for boots, look for those that provide the most support and are most comfortable.

Boxter Safety Boots for Tough Works

As one the leading safety shoes manufacturer in Malaysia, Boxter safety footwear that come from specially crafted technology.

So, here are our top 3 safety boots that are guaranteed to give the wearer with maximum protection.

1. Hulk

2. Rogers

3. Ranger

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Boxter is the leading safety shoes manufacturer in Malaysia. We provide a broad range of safety shoes for various applications in various environments.

Our work shoes are also certified and comply with the CE EN ISO 20345:2011, assuring the wearers that our safety footwear can be worn safely and confidently.

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