There are
42, 513 accidents
in Malaysia per year

Average SOCSO benefit allocation

  • Temporary disability: RM169m
  • Permanent disability: RM421m

Injury Insurance by Sector

  • Manufacturing: RM42.04 million
  • Construction: RM22.41 million
  • Trading: RM23.53 million

Protect your workers, Reduce your cost

We have been in the industry for a long time, so we know the choice of personal protective equipment has a severe impact on injury risks in the workplace. Every employee has the right to safety. Especially when it comes to jobs where hazards are at every corner.

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Safety Investments Reduce Expenses

Direct Costs

  • Recruiting, hiring & training replacement workers
  • Product/material damage
  • Equipment, building, material or product damage
  • Temporary later & overtime costs

Indirect Costs

  • Loss of productivity
  • Additional supervision time & administrative costs
  • Accident investigation costs

Work Safer with

Personal Protective Equipment is cleverly designed to protect workers wherever they go. Wearing PPE lets you go by your day without worry, be it chemical, radiological, physical, electrical or mechanical hazards.

Boxter’s PPE will be your line of defense against bodily harm.

Does your workplace have the possibility of the following?

  • Sharp and heavy falling objects
  • Dust, debris or chemicals
  • Sharp, fine-edged or hot material
  • Bad flooring and disorderly housekeeping

It’s important to know what usual causes of injuries are. That way, you’ll know exactly what type of protective gear you need.

Boxter shoes are so comfortable and safe, you can practically live in them.

We are not only about the safety of your feet, your feet’s comfort is our priority too. What good will a sophisticated shoe design do if you can’t even focus on your work because your shoes bother you? Our shoes are so comfortable you would probably skip to work.


Common workplace accidents

  • Walking on sharp objects
  • Crushed by trucks
  • Heavy objects falling
  • Slip, trips and falls
  • Sprains and fractures

So how do you prevent them? With our very own mighty footwear with a quality that will knock your socks off!

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