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Boxter is one of the leading safety boots factory in Malaysia. Boxter specializes in offering the most comprehensive safety boots product line in the global. Boxter safety boots brands have over many years of industry history and experience in making superior safety boots in Malaysia.

Boxter is a one-stop shop that accommodates customers’ safety boots needs and requirements in Malaysia. Our diverse safety boots product line allows our customers the convenience of choosing the one that suits most applications across a number of industries. At Boxter, customers can access to multiple styles, finishes, protective elements and price points that beyond their expectations, without blowing the budget. Apart from being functional, the designs of our safety boots are trendy, stylish and eye-catching.

Being one of the top safety boots suppliers in Malaysia, we place customers’ safety at the centre of everything we do, which is why our safety boots materials are sourced from all over the world so as to ensure that only the very best goes into each and every safety boot. All in all, we understand the importance of comfortable safety boots not only help to prevent injuries but also improve work performance.

“Boxter Safety” is an ambitious industrial project, started many years ago. Our never-ending dedication, passion and commitment to excellence have made the company extremely successful. Today, we have gained a strong position in the sector of safety shoes, manufacturing PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) complying with the European Standards in the matter following a business philosophy based on four essential points: quality, strength, design and customer satisfaction. Without a doubt, all these are the crucial elements that set us apart from our competitors.

Throughout the years, Boxter Safety has developed an extensive range of safety boots in Malaysia. By using the latest technology and machinery such as injection processes, bonding, etc  and the most innovative materials including, membranes, breathable fabrics, high rate abrasion resistant linings, highly absorbent outsoles as well as inner suspension chambers, we ensure our safety boots are comfortable to wear for all day long yet robust enough to withstand abrasion and tears.

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Quality As A Norm

Boxter manufactures with a very high standard of quality, ensuring safety footwear with a long life and outstanding comfort.
The future strategy of the firm is making sustainable growth of its brand in global markets.

However, for its condition of manufacturer, the Boxter Safety brand can develop the own brand to a Specialist Distributor, providing expertise, competitiveness and flexibility.

Boxter Safety provides its clients with different values and benefits, including.
  • Strict compliance with product certifications.
  • Possibility of ordering smaller quantities.
  • More flexible and shorter delivery times.
  • Development of new products very quickly.
  • Fast delivery of products in stock.
  • Direct communication and closeness to the customer.
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    In 2010 BOXTER registered our own brand name BOXTER, and started to sell BOXTER safety shoes all over the world.

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    Our factory get supervised and audited on site by Switzerland SGC lab.

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    80% our products are ce approved. We have successfully sell to many country. Welcome to be our new partnership.

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    We are one of the membership of France CTC lab. We build our testing room under help of CTC.

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    Our factory was conducted by Germany TUV lab on site because one of TUV assessment supplier.

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    Our products are iso approved.

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