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Business service industry accidents from Jan – Aug 2022 [LATEST]

Source: International Policy and Research Development Division

Non-permanent Disability
Permanent Disability

Most Common Injuries in the Services Industry

Every business must provide proper protective gear for every worker. Boxter makes the best safety shoes for the service industry with total protection against:

Sprains and fractures

Electrostatic Discharge

Heavy objects falling

Slip, trips, and falls

Crushed by equipment

Lacerations and bruises

Protect Workers, Protect Business

Your service industry workers face risks from every corner. If you don’t give them proper service industry shoes, you are risking their safety and your business.

Direct Costs

  • Recruiting replacement workers
  • Product, equipment, machinery failure
  • Damage to building, materials, area
  • Overtime costs

Indirect Costs

  • Loss of productivity
  • Additional supervision time
  • Administrative costs
  • Accident investigation costs
Safety Shoes for Service Industry

Services industry work poses many risks

Voltech ESD Safety Shoes are perfect for the services industry.

Protect Industry Services Workers with The Best ESD Protection Safety Shoes

Features every safety shoes in the services industry need

features-protective-steel-toe-for-constructionFootage from video (0.43s – 0.45s)

Protective Steel Toe

Safety steel toe caps protect your feet from being crushed by falling objects.
Boxter extra-wide steel toe safety shoes withstand up to 200 Joules of impact.

features-strong-slip-resistance-for-constructionFootage from video (1.06s – 1.20s)

Strong Slip Resistance

Anti-slip soles firmly grip on any surface such as greasy and wet floors.
Boxter SRC non-slip work shoes are no match for even the slipperiest floors with it gorilla grip slip resistance.

features-water-resistant-for-constructionFootage from video (0.37s – 0.42s)

Water Resistance

Waterproof work boots keep water out and are leakproof so your feet remain dry and comfortable.
Boxter waterproof safety shoes are totally water-resistant from the upper material to the outsole.

features-puncture-proof-for-constructionFootage from video (0.57s – 1.05s)


Strong soles protect feet from sharp, piercing objects that can cause serious injury.
Boxter’s puncture-resistant safety shoes have full-length steel plates for total protection.

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