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Heat Resistant Safety Boots Supplier In Malaysia

Heat resistant safety boots are fundamental footwear for workers who work in extreme temperature. Without proper heat resistant footwear, there could be detrimental effects on your feet. Hence it is important in selecting a shoe that is specifically made to withstand high temperature and heat. Regardless of whether it is steel mill, copper smelter, foundry or anywhere else that expose you to extreme heat, Boxter heat resistant safety boots can effectively protect you from severe burns and injuries.

Boxter’s safety boots are manufactured in accordance with various safety standards and are CE certified, ensuring high level of protection in all situations. In addition to that, they are designed to provide exceptional fit, look good and to offer the best performance for the job.

Every pair of Boxter safety boot is thoughtfully made by Malaysia’s most famous nitrile rubber material. This durable material has excellent resistance to heat, abrasion and chemical, thereby protecting your feet from accidental chemicals splashes, molten metal splashes and other hazardous substances. As a plus, they can withstand up to 300°C of high temperature and extreme heat. Other than that, some of them even come with slip resistant and penetration resistant features for your safety and peace of mind.

Apart from sourcing the best raw materials, our heat resistant safety boots are made with care and attention to detail that promise not to melt, burn or crack easily, even after an extended period of wear. Besides, every stitch is made from high quality thread which is durable to withstand in hot and intense environment. Don’t forget about the design are fashionable, attractive and available in all men’s and women’s sizes, ranging from Euro 38 to 47 or UK 4 to 13. Hence, Boxter heat resistant safety boots are the perfect choice to keep you safe and comfortable during work.

Fret not if you are uncertain which types of safety boots suit you the best as our sales personnel will provide professional advice and assist you in selecting the most appropriate heat resistant safety boots for your workplace.