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Waterproof Safety Boots Supplier In Malaysia

Just think for a moment, how annoying will it be if your shoes and feet get wet during work. This could be more unpleasant especially for workers who need to wear the soggy shoes for all day long. Aside from being uncomfortable, wet shoes will maximize the risk of fall and subsequent injuries. Therefore, all these factors make waterproof safety boots a necessity in the fishing industry.

Boxter is the number one choice when you are seeking for the reliable safety boots suppliers in Malaysia. We as the leading safety boots suppliers in Malaysia, specializing in offering a waterproof safety boots system that really keeps the water out, thereby preventing slips and trips, keeping your feet dry and clean at all times.

Most importantly, our safety boots are not only fashionable, but also highly effective footwear for various worksites, especially the fishing industry. The outer part of the footwear is made from high quality PVC materials and soft fabric mesh is used as the lining, inhibiting water absorption as well as penetration. Therefore, workers can move freely in damp and water-logged environment, without worrying about getting dirty and messy.

At Boxter, we carry a complete line of waterproof safety boots for various industrial applications and at a competitive price. The safety boots are available in high ankle, middle cut as well as low cut, all with a comprehensive range of sizes from Euro 38 to 47 or UK 4 to 13. Take a look through the safety boots here and you will find the right one.

Being the leading safety boots manufacturer in the nation, our waterproof safety boots have won rave reviews. With our continuous research and investments, we strive to manufacture the most watertight, trendy and safety conscious boots so as to meet the customer needs and rigorous market requirement. Our waterproof safety boots are specifically made to ensure outstanding versatility, durability as well as comfort.

If you have any question about Boxter waterproof safety shoes or you need professional advice, please do not hesitate to contact us as our service teams are every-ready to assist and clear your doubts!

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