Safety footwear must last long with high durability for worker’s full comfort and safety.  

With that said, along with choosing the best pair of safety shoes for work, it is also the worker’s responsibility to care for their protective gear. 

Even so, some workers do not take work shoes care seriously. This is due to the fact that they prefer to replace their work shoes.

Well, work shoes care is simple and easy. So follow this handy guide to know how to clean safety shoes and care for them.

Tips to Clean and Care for Safety Shoes

Surely, protective footwear is vital for work places that have a high potential to hazards.

Even though you may buy the most comfortable and durable safety shoes, they still need regular care. But how to clean safety boots?

Safety Footwear Care Tips

Care of protective footwear include

Suede Leather Safety Shoes Care Tips
  1. Carefully brush off stains and dirt with a shoe brush for suede leather
  2. For water/oil stains, pour baking soda and leave overnight to absorb stains
  3. Then, use a soft cloth to wipe off the baking soda
  4. Then, use a water-resistant spray to waterproof the safety shoes
Nubuck Cow Leather Safety Shoes Care Tips
  1. Firstly, remove the removable insole
  2. Then, rinse the safety shoes with plain water to remove dust and dirt
  3. Afterwards, use a soft cloth to remove the remaining dirt
  4. Then, rinse again and air dry them
  5. Do not expose shoes to direct heat or sunlight to avoid shrinkage

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Why Cleaning Safety Footwear is Important

Surely, safety shoes are an everyday protective gear for workers such as in construction, agriculture and manufacturing sectors.

Thus, it is important to practice good upkeeping of safety footwear for the wearer’s comfort and prolonged shoe life.

Nonetheless, cleaning just the outer material is not enough for durable safety shoes. 

Workers must also clean the inner material regularly so as to prevent odors and mold.

This is to ensure the quality of the protective footwear which will provide better comfort and safety.

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Clean and care for your safety shoes 

Don’t waste your money by replacing safety shoes so quickly.

Instead, follow this good work shoes care guide to make your work shoes more comfortable and safer, longer.

Because although you may buy the most durable safety shoes on the market, they still need constant care for the best performance.

So, good work shoes care along with other safety measures, you can successfully keep your work shoes in its best quality.

In conclusion, get the best protective footwear from a top grade safety shoes supplier-Boxter!

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