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Anti Slip Shoes Supplier In Malaysia

Slip and fall accidents can happen at any time, especially in slippery and greasy environments. Therefore, slip resistant shoes are necessary to prevent these accidents from happening at the workplace. Looking for good anti slip shoes for your day-to-day work, why not give the anti slip shoes by BOXTER® Footwear a try? Boxter shoes are comfortable and fashionable. They are suitable for all men and women, as they can wear for athletic, dress, casual, work as well as for safety purpose.

Boxter anti slip shoes are tested and designed to work best in wet and oily ground. Of course, they are certified and comply with the CE EN ISO 20345:2011, assuring the wearers that our safety footwear can be worn safely and with confidence. The best part is that we have the complete line of anti slip shoes for all size ranges at cheap prices, without draining your wallet.

All of them are made with high quality materials to ensure their longevity and durability in wear. With high slip resistant rubber out-sole, our shoes can provide superior grip when exposed to watery and oily surfaces. The rubber compounds are soft enough to offer slip resistance yet robust enough to withstand years of use after highly exposed to rough, uneven ground surfaces, chemicals and contaminants.

Apart from that, the tread patterns are specifically designed to enable rapid water dispersion and significantly improve the slip resistant effect. Indeed, the tread patterns enhance stability and balance which allow wearers to walk freely and safely. The highly sophisticated safety features of our anti slip shoes provide wearers with additional protection against slips and falls while offering great flexibility for ease in movement.

Our slip on shoes are not only functional, but also very fashionable. Needless to say, they are ideal for most work areas including, restaurant, hospitality, healthcare, grocery, travel, entertainment and industrial. All in all, Boxter anti slip shoes not only help to reduce slipping incidents but also give your feet extra support and comfort that they deserve, no matter what you do.

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