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High Cut Safety Boots Supplier In Malaysia

What is the best way to protect your feet in the workplace? Well, the answer would have been high cut safety boots. Next to protective gloves and eyewear, high cut safety boots play a very important role in heavy-duty workplace. High cut boots can provide the highest level of protection for wearers, especially when working in slippery, greasy environments or walking on rough and uneven ground surfaces. If this all sounds important to you too and you plan to purchase one, then look no further than Boxter Global Sdn Bhd. Boxter is at the forefront of manufacturing vast array of safety shoes, including high cut safety boots. Most importantly, they are affordable without forgoing quality. The exceptional features such as slip resistant, heat resistant, extra light, Electrostatic discharge (ESD) and so on are meticulously integrated into the high cut safety boots, making them different from the others.

These high cut safety boots are specifically made for various industries such as manufacturing, construction, mining and etc. They can fit firmly at the top of the ankle to provide great ankle support which effectively minimizes the risk of straining, overstretching, twisting and fatigue. In other words, high cut safety boots are ideal for workers who need to carry heavy loads as they protect wearers against ankle sprains and injuries. Besides, the best part is that they typically come with steel toe cap and midsole plate to offer impact and compression resistant. Also, the non slip base provides extra grip, support and stability in most conditions. Plus, the insoles are made of breathable and soft materials which cushion the pressure of walking on hard surfaces. Since they provide a larger area of protective coverage, falling objects, chemical splashes or other harmful substances are less likely to enter the boots and cause serious injuries.

The great combination of safety, function and comfort has made Boxter high cut safety boots the ideal choice to protect wearers’ feet from falling and flying objects, punctures, cutting hazards, electrical hazards, slips, trips and falls as well as reduce muscle fatigue.

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