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ESD Safety Shoes Supplier In Malaysia

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can be downright dangerous in the workplace as workers might encounter electric spark, electric shocks as well as the static electricity accumulation. ESD normally occurs when workers come into contact with the electronic components. Without a doubt, this is one of the most common phenomenon in the industry settings where solid state electronics, systems and devices are widely used. In the case of electrical discharge that is too strong, high or uncontrolled, workers will experience the uncomfortable feeling and sometimes even lead to serious consequences such as explosion due to the spark formation, or cause damage to the electronic devices you work with.

Hence, ESD safety shoes in Malaysia are much needed for workers who are working in electric or volatile environment, ensuring workers safety and well-being. Boxter ESD safety shoes are made of high quality materials and undergo stringent quality control before being distributed and sold. Unlike normal safety shoes, Boxter safety shoes in Malaysia are meticulously made to provide electrical hazard protection. They can effectively protect the electronic products that are sensitive to electrostatic discharges from damage that caused by the static build up. Plus, ESD safety shoes offer protection against electrostatic charge generated by friction against the human body.

Our safety shoes provide electrostatic discharge feature, reducing the accumulation of static electricity when walking around. They dissipate the static electricity from wearer’s body through the sole of shoes and to the ground, thereby minimizing the chances or risks of injuries as well as explosion. This kind of feature is extremely vital in situations involving the danger of explosion including, explosives, chemicals, gases, dust explosion, or if you work with sensitive electronics such as microchips, hard drives, just to name a few. As such, the ESD safety shoes greatly reduce the risk of ignition of flammable chemicals, hazardous substances, explosives and the like.

If you are searching for unparalleled yet affordable ESD safety shoes, then look no further than Boxter! With us, you are bound to find a wide array of safety shoes’ designs, sizes and colors, without breaking the bank.

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