What are PVC Safety Shoes?

PVC safety shoes are shoes made with Polyvinyl chloride, a type of synthetic plastic polymer.

Also called the Wellingtons, PVC work boots are known to be waterproof and lightweight. Hence, they are ideal for outdoor jobs, especially in wet working environment.

Advantages of PVC Safety Shoes

In general, PVC safety shoes are suitable for handling tough and messy jobs. Additionally, it is commonly used to protect the feet from water, dirt and mud.

So, here are some of the advantages of PVC safety boots:

Less expensive PVC work shoes are cheaper than rubber safety shoes. It is because they are made from synthetic material that costs less to produce.
Waterproof PVC material is 100% waterproof so you do not have to worry about getting your feet wet unless there is a leak.
Lightweight PVC is lighter than rubber. Hence, the shoes will not weight you down during work.
Chemical protection Some PVC work boots has extra protection that protect the feet from chemicals.


Types of PVC Safety Boots

There are numerous types of PVC safety boots available on the market. Hence, the level of protection may vary from style to style.

Nonetheless, we have listed out some of the most common types of PVC work shoes below.

Steel toe

This type comes with reinforcement at the front part of the shoes. It gives extra protection to the toe area.

Non-steel toe

Plain toe is just a regular PVC work boot without toe cap. It makes the shoes more comfortable to wear. However, it does not give the same protection level as a steel toe work boot.

Chemical resistance

Lots of PVC safety boots are also chemical resistance. You would want a boot that can protect you from the harsh chemical that burns and melts.

So, do remember to check if the shoes are chemical resistance before buying.

Boxter High Quality PVC Safety Shoes

Are you looking for a high quality PVC safety boots? Look no further!

As the leading safety shoes manufacturer in Malaysia, we have our own range of PVC safety boots, the Longston series. There are two types of PVC safety boots in the series, which are steel and non-steel.

Longston Steel

Longson Non-steel

Our PVC safety boots are made from high quality PVC material which makes it suitable for heavy duty jobs. Not only that, they are also chemical resistance and ESD resistance. We can guarantee that our shoes will give you the protection you deserve.

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