Tips Penjagaan Kasut Safety

Kasut safety merupakan salah satu peralatan perlindungan peribadi (PPE) yang penting untuk melindungi kaki anda daripada bahaya di tempat kerja. Ramai yang berangapan bahawa kasut safety tidak memerlukan penjagaan yang rapi kerana ianya memang tahan lama dan mampu untuk menghadapi sebarang keadaan. Namun begitu, kasut keselamatan yang tidak dijaga dengan betul akan cepat rosak sekaligus […]

Kepentingan Kasut Keselamatan di Tempat Kerja

Di mana-mana tempat kerja, salah satu kepentingan kasut keselamatan adalah untuk melindungi pekerja. Antara salah satu tanggungjawab majikan ialah untuk memastikan pekerja anda mendapat perlindungan secukupnya di tempat kerja. Perlindungan di tempat kerja bukan sahaja dapat melindungi pekerja anda daripada bahaya, namun ianya dapat juga meningkatkan kebahagiaan dan produktiviti. Oleh itu, majikan harus membekalkan peralatan […]


Kasut Keselamatan Terbaik di Malaysia 2021

  Kasut keselamatan merupakan PPE yang penting untuk pekerja Sebagai salah satu pembekal kasut keselamatan teratas di Malaysia, keselamatan pelanggan adalah prioriti kami yang dibukti semasa proses pembuatan kasut safety kami. Kerana itu, bahan but kerja kami diimport dari seluruh dunia untuk memastikan bahawa hanya yang terbaik sahaja dalam reka bentuk setiap but kerja. Secara […]

The Best Women Safety Shoes Brand in Malaysia

The number of women in essential industries is increasing and so is the need for women safety shoes. Although your female workers can opt for a smaller size, this only works for some types of safety gear. If you are still providing your female team small size mens safety shoes, you are risking their comfort, […]

PPE Approval Guide to SIRIM Safety Shoes Malaysia

DOSH Malaysia has set several PPE approval rules and regulations for SIRIM safety shoes. In Malaysia, it is compulsory that employees provide SIRIM approved PPE for all workers. This is because the Malaysian Government states so. In general, the most commonly used PPE is protective footwear.  Hence, it is vital to SIRIM approved safety shoes before wearing […]


The Full Guide to Protective Footwear for Complete Safety

When preparing for work, workers must wear the protective footwear before starting their day. Because without the proper gear, workers are at risk to many hazards that can lead to injuries or worse, death. So, follow this guide to protective footwear safety tips so you are completely protected from work dangers.


The Complete Guide to DOSH SIRIM Safety Shoes

DOSH SIRIM safety shoes are a must for ALL workers As stated by the Malaysian OSH regulations, it is a legal requirement that employers provide DOSH SIRIM certified safety shoes for their workers. Here at Boxter Footwear, we specialize in indestructible DOSH SIRIM certified safety shoes to protect your workers and your business. So, here is a […]


Top Benefits of Sports Safety Shoes

Some work environments are suitable for workers to wear sports safety shoes. There are so many types of safety shoes in the market. Hence, it can be difficult to choose the right pair for your workers. However, one choice you can never go wrong with is athletic safety shoes. Not only is it safe to […]


The Best Safety Shoes for Construction in 2020

Safety shoes for construction is a must in such a hazardous work site. In Malaysia, many fatalities and injuries happen at construction sites. Refer Work Accident Statistics by Sector (January – October 2020) That’s why it is essential that all workers wear proper construction gear for a safer work environment.  One staple workwear for construction […]

How to Choose the Best Safety Shoes Supplier in Malaysia

Buy from a certified safety shoes supplier for DOSH SIRIM safety shoes. With that said, always buy from a safety shoes supplier instead of shopping for safety shoes at an uncertified online store. However, some employers have a hard time looking for affordable yet comfortable safety shoes for their workers. Especially for those working in […]