Safety boot keep your feet protected from hazards at the workplace. Not only it protects you, a proper safety boot help you feet stay comfortable even though you’re wearing it all day.

Therefore, choosing the right safety boot could have never been more important for your feet’s health. So, you would want to choose safety boot that is durable but comfortable at the same time.

What Makes Safety Boot Durable and Comfortable

Poor footwear choice that is low in quality and unsupportive can lead to injuries and long-term podiatry issues.

For this reason, we would like share what makes a safety boot more durable and comfortable to help you make the right choice.

  • Right fit
  • High quality material
  • Stitched sole
  • Proper break in
  • Proper boot sock

Right Fit

The most obvious factor is finding the right fit for your feet. Obviously, if your safety boot don’t fit, they won’t be comfortable no matter how high quality it is.

Besides, inccorectly fitted boot won’t give you arch, heel or ankle supports. That can be absolutely terrible for your feet’s health so you definitely want to avoid buying the wrong size.

Boxter has a wide range of sizes. Our size range from UK 2-13

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Nevertheless, buying the right fit is not as simple as it may sounds when it comes to safety boots. Here are 4 tips you need to consider:

  1. Ensure your toes fit inside the toe cap, touching only the sides and not the top. It your toes don’t fit, it can cause serious discomfort.
  2. Boot with laces allow you to adjust the fit much more than slip ons.
  3. Your foot arch can change over time, so it is a good idea to measure your foot arch before buying work boots.
  4. After a long day, you feet may swell especially on hot day. So, try your new boots on after work and wear the socks you wear each day.


High quality material

Safety boots with high quality material are generally more durable and comfortable. It can be slightly expensive but when it comes to lifespan, it will greatly outlast cheaper alternatives.

Real leather is always a good choice. It is high quality and premium material. Remember, a high quality leather is generally smooth, consistent, and unblemished.

When it comes to the inner lining, you want it to be made of leather, rather than fabric or rubber, which is more durable and odor-resistant.

Our top selling shoes are made from high quality cow leather that is guaranteed to be super tough for maximum protection

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Safety Boot with Stitched Sole

Another factor you need to consider is the sole. You want to get a work boot with stitched sole instead of glued one. Glued soles are easier to manufacturer and less expensive but creates a poorer seal and degrades more easily.

This means that glued soles can easily come off and you don’t want that to happen at work. Therefore, stitched sole is a better choice for good quality shoes. There are two different ways:

 This method creates a sleek, minimal look by keeping the stitching inside of the shoe. It also makes the shoes more flexible.

In this method, both the sole and the upper are sewed onto a “welt,” a strip of leather running along the entire perimeter of the shoe.

This method is the most popular between the two and is considered as desirable selling point.

Goodyear-welted shoes often feel more supportive, and because the stitching is outside of the shoe’s inner section, they also tend to be more water-resistant.

In addition, this method comes with 270° and 360° stitching.

Lucky for you, Boxter safety shoes come with 360° stitching and we guarantee that the sole will not easily come off

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Proper break in

Breaking in into shoes may be a trivial matter to you but actually it is also important to ensure that your work boot is comfy.

Most shoes will be stiff straight out of the box, especially if they are made from leather. Wear them for at least an hour each day for the first week, until you feel them adjusting around your feet.

Wearing them straight to work can results in blisters and wear points as your feet rub against parts of the boot that are shaped differently to your previous boots.


Proper boot sock

Good boot sock such as polyester, bamboo, wool/synthetic bland is more comfortable for your feet than cotton. This is because they don’t absorb your sweat while cotton does which will keep your feet damp.

Woolen blends are also a good choice, as they are antimicrobial (anti-stink).

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Boxter Safety Boot For Durability and Comfortability

All in all, now you are aware of what makes a safety boot more durable and comfortable.

Boxter safety shoes is the best safety footwear in Malaysia. Our shoes are guaranteed durable and comfortable as they’re made from high quality material with 360° stitched sole.

Not only that, our shoes are affordable with the LOWEST market price. Besides, we also offer one year guarantee for all our customers.

So, buy Boxter safety shoes to replace your old and worn working shoes.

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