Even the best type of worker’s safety shoes need replacing over time. 

After some time, you must be wondering.. when should I replace my safety shoes?

Even heavy duty safety shoes retire, especially after prolonged hours of hard work. No matter how well you take care of them, wear and tear will still happen.

Here are a few things to let you know when exactly to buy a brand new pair of work shoes.

How many years should safety shoes last?

Generally, worker’s safety shoes can last between six and twelve months in a normal work environment.

However, people working in rough worksites such as construction, agriculture, mining and the like may need safety shoe replacement sooner.

For this reason, promote good maintenance of safety shoes among workers for more durability.

How do you clean safety shoes?

Employers are responsible to provide workers with comfortable safety shoes. Nonetheless, maintenance and care is up to the worker.

Thus, workers should follow these steps to extend the service life of their work shoes.

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When to Replace Worker’s Safety Shoes

Some employers encourage their workers to repair their own shoes using DIY methods such as superglue.

Needless to say, this is not a good practice because it will risk their safety to continue working.

Follow these guidelines to know when you should replace your worker’s safety shoes for safety of your workers and your business.

Are your shoes still comfortable?

When working in a busy and hazardous place, the most comfortable safety shoes is a must.

However, the insoles and inner material of worker’s shoes will eventually lose its cushioning.

As a result, wearing these safety boots will hurt your ankles and feet which will drastically impact work performance.

Are there any damages to your safety shoes?

Is the steel toe cap showing? Does the outer material have any tears? Has the sole come apart from the upper shoe?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the questions, you should have your safety shoes replaced.

Although your lightweight safety shoes may be durable, general wear and tear can seriously expose you to work hazards.


Is your shoe leaking?

Generally, if you’re working in fishing, agriculture or outdoor environments, you’ll need anti-leak and waterproof safety shoes.

So, whenever you feel liquids seeping through your safety shoes, that is the sign that your safety workboots need replacing.

Mainly, this is because it is super uncomfortable and can lead to feet injury such as skin rashes.

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Are your shoes damaged after impact or punctures?

Indestructible safety shoes comes with features such as a steel toe cap and puncture-resistant soles. 

Nonetheless, once they have faced an impact or puncture, it is rare that safety shoes can withstand any other potential hazards.

Hence, workers must notify their superiors if they experience these incidents. Then, employers must replace their worker’s safety shoes before other future injuries occur.

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