The proper safety shoes for your occupation can guarantee your safety and comfort at work.

Safety footwear comes in many variations and types. They have different levels of protection and features. That being said, not all work environments are the same. Therefore, the protection needed varies according to the industry.

Guide to Selecting Proper Safety Shoes for Your Occupation

Many industries require workers to wear safety footwear. Those industries include construction, agriculture, chemical, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, oil and gas, and food and beverage.

These workplaces are too risky for regular shoes. Therefore, safety shoes are required to protect the workers from injuries.

However, wearing just any safety shoes are not enough as different work environments need different type of protection.

Hence, here is a guide to selecting the proper safety shoes for your occupation.

What are the common injuries at the workplace?

Foot injuries at the workplace are more common than you thought. There are 2 main types of workplace foot injuries:

  1. Slips & Falls
  2. Trauma (punctures, crashing, electrocution etc.)

Although it is impossible to 100% prevent these injuries from happening, you can minimize the risk by wearing the proper safety shoes for your occupation.


Accessing workplace risks

The next thing you should do is to assess the health and safety risks at your workplace before buying yourself a pair of safety shoes.

Some of potential workplace hazards:

  1. Electric shock
  2. Sharp objects
  3. Falling objects
  4. Electrostatic discharge
  5. Exposure to water
  6. Extreme temperature
  7. Corrosive liquid

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Recognize some of the risks? Worry not, we have a few suggestions of safety shoes that can protect your feet from these hazards.

Non Slip Safety Shoes

Wet and oily surface can lead to slip and fall. Therefore, anti slip safety shoes is necessary to prevent these accidents from happening at the workplace.

Heat Resistant Safety Shoes

If you are exposed to extreme temperature during your job, these heat resistant work shoes are ideal for you.

ESD Safety Shoes

Working in electrical environment? Our ESD safety shoes can protect you from electrostatic discharge.

Selecting the correct safety footwear by industry

As well as considering the hazards at the workplace, you can also select the correct safety shoes by industry. You may refer to the table below for guide:

Industry Needs
Agriculture Protective toe cap and midsole, anti-static and anti-slip sole, waterproof
Food & Beverage Shock absorber heel, anti-slip sole
Construction Steel toe cap, water-resistant sealed stitching
Healthcare Non-slip sole, shock absorber heel; comfortable sole
Chemical Chemical resistance
Manufacturing Protective toe cap, anti-static and anti-slip sole
Oil & Gas Heat resistance, oil resistance, anti-slip sole, comfortable sole,
Logistics Protective toe cap, anti-slip sole, comfortable sole

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