Safety shoes for construction is a must in such a hazardous work site.

In Malaysia, many fatalities and injuries happen at construction sites.

Refer Work Accident Statistics by Sector (January – October 2020)

That’s why it is essential that all workers wear proper construction gear for a safer work environment.

One staple workwear for construction workers is durable safety shoes.

So we at Boxter know how to fully protect you with the best safety shoes for construction in 2020.

What are examples of common construction hazards?

Even if you’re not a construction worker, you know how dangerous they can be.

Before you know which safety boots are the best for construction sites, you should know the risks it poses.

Here are the most common construction hazards workers face at the worksite.

  • Falling heavy objects
  • Falls, trips and slips
  • Contact with electricity
  • Strained muscles
  • Piercing sharp objects

Read Foot Injuries and How Safety Shoes Prevent Them for more details.


What are the best shoes for construction workers?

The most basic protective layer for your feet is very important for total safety.

So you will need comfortable safety shoes as the barrier of protection during heavy work.

With so many hazards at every corner, Boxter has designed and continues to design lightweight safety shoes for every worker.

The Most Comfortable Steel Toe Safety Shoes for Construction

Heavy equipment, materials and heavy vehicles are commonly found at a construction site.

Due to this, there is always a fear of crushed feet if heavy objects fall or roll on worker’s feet.

Boxter safety shoes prides in their 200 Joule protective toe caps which can keep your feet safe and snug.

Safety Footwear to Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls

Construction workers are constantly on their feet. Usually on uneven surfaces and wet grounds.

Not only is it uncomfortable, but workers also face the risk of slipping, tripping and falling which is a common yet overlooked hazard.

Hence, it is crucial to equip all workers with strong slip-resistant safety shoes made with anti-slip soles for extra safety and stability.

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ESD Safety Shoes for Construction Workers

A construction site poses many potential hazards other than falling objects and slips, trips and falls.

One of them includes electric shocks that can severely harm construction workers.

So, to combat such risks which can cause fatality, workers must wear ESD safety shoes or electrical resistance shoes.

One option is to wear non-conductive safety shoes which Boxter specializes in with our Nubuck cow leather shoes.


Comfortable safety shoes for construction

Generally, workers at construction sites usually work long hours daily sometimes non-stop.

This will eventually cause strain to muscles and severe foot aches if the proper gear is not worn.

Since construction workers are on their feet most of the day, they need comfortable and breathable work shoes to prevent such discomfort.

Boxter provides construction safety boots with soft woven sandwich mesh lining and cushioned insoles that are both breathable and provide lightweight support for workers.

List of the Boxter’s Best Safety Shoes in Malaysia (2020)

Safety Shoes Protect Construction Workers

Safety is the top priority when choosing a pair of shoes for construction workers

Some types of construction safety shoes are uncomfortable and not designed for safety which will jeopardize worker’s productivity.

In the end, downtime will surely increase and the number of injuries can ruin your reputation as an employer.

Therefore, care for your employees by providing them with safety shoes built for heavy industries.

Search no further than here! Boxter is the No.1 safety shoes brand are super strong yet surprisingly comfortable fit for any worker.

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