Should Factory Workers Wear Safety Shoes?

Despite common belief, a factory is as dangerous as any other occupation that needs factory safety shoes. It involves heavy machinery, complex devices, heights and others that may cause accidents.

The Department of Occupational Safety and Health recorded such accidents in their Occupational Accident Statistic of 2020. Apparently, there were 1,284 accidents in the manufacturing, transport and storage sectors (January – March)

Most of these accidents could have been avoided with the right PPE, specifically factory safety shoes. So here’s why factory workers should wear comfortable factory safety shoes. 


Factory shoes prevent slips, trips and falls

The right pair of safety shoes helps factory workers to stay on their feet. Even on different surfaces, workers are much more comfortable moving around. 

Wearing normal shoes or outworn shoes can lead to slips and falls. It is important that workers are prepped with safety boots that fit and are replaced if they are damaged. 

We recommend slip-resistant work boots with anti-slip out-soles. They can prevent slips and trips, reducing the possibility of downtime. 

lightweight safety shoes blake

Comfortable factory safety shoes

Working in a factory demands hands-on work within a long period of time. This will surely lead to sore feet and unbearable aches. 

If prolonged, factory workers will face poor foot support and severe joint pains. Therefore, wearing comfortable and breathable work shoes can easily prevent such discomfort. 

Boxter is the leading safety shoes supplier in Malaysia. That’s why we provide safety boots with soft woven sandwich mesh. It is brilliantly breathable without constricting the worker’s skin.

breathable sandwich mesh inner

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No more fatigue with safety shoes

Constant movements is part and parcel of working in a fast-paced factory. What’s more is workers are on their feet all day on hard surfaces such as concrete. 

Over time, severe fatigue will happen as body muscles tire due to poor footwear. 

Thus, provide factory workers with safety work shoes that have enough cushioning and support. Not to mention lightweight so workers can focus on their work better. 

soft woven mesh sole

Steel Toe Factory Shoes

Most factories require manual handling heavy materials and working around high racking areas. Therefore, the possibility of falling objects is always around. 

So, where there is a possibility of falling heavy objects, safety shoes are just as important as hard hats. 

Boxter safety shoes stars work boots with protective toe caps, preventing feet injuries. Even if the heavy object falls speedily, worker’s feet will be protected. 

Hazard Protection with Factory Work Shoes

A factory poses many potential hazards other than falling objects and fatigue. Other possibilities include stepping on sharp objects, electrical shocks and hazardous chemicals.

Thus, the solution for all-protection is safety shoes made with heavy-duty materials. They are resilient enough to handle any type of harm. 

We suggest providing your workers with a pair of Ranger shoes. It is puncture-resistant, esd safe, abrasion resistant and protects against chemicals. 



Keep your factory workers safe

When choosing a pair of shoes for workers, safety must be the top factor

Factory workers without proper footwear will effect their safety compliance. This will lead to injuries that can harm not just your employees, but your business too. 

Therefore, choose the best pair of safety shoes perfect for your factory workers. They will definitely thank you for it by working more productively and safely. 

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