How Safety Shoes Protect Workers from Foot Injury

At any worksite, one of the most essential gear is safety shoes to prevent foot injury.

However, foot injury still happens at an alarming rate. Although there are many factors, one that can be resolved easily is if employers make the right choice in safety shoes.

As an employer, it is the law to follow the DOSH requirements which states that all workers must be provided with DOSH SIRIM safety shoes.

Hence, to be safe, here’s a list of the common mistakes employers make when buying safety boots so foot injury can be avoided.

5 Mistakes Employers Make When Buying Safety Shoes

1. Should an employer provide safety boots?

Some employers take their workers’ safety for granted. Once worker’s PPE is worn and torn, it is not their priority to replace them.

Nonetheless, this is partly because employers are not aware of the legal requirement of worker’s safety shoes.

We’re here to tell you that you should provide all workers with the appropriate safety shoes.

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2. Who is under the risk of foot injury?

Every operation and task has hazards even if several precautions are in place.

Especially for workers in the manufacturing, construction and logistics industry where there are many heavy and sharp objects.

Hence, employers must know which areas that can lead to foot injury or fatalities. Then, provide workers is said area with suitable pairs of lightweight safety shoes that fit their job scope.

3. What can lead to foot injury?

Most of the time, employers feel that putting up hazard signs and practising safety precautions are enough.

Although they are important, employers must also prepare for when those safety measures are not enough.

Therefore, by knowing the different types of dangers at the worksite such as heavy objects falling and rolling on feet, fires and electric hazards, they can be prevented by providing the right pair of safety shoes.

4. How serious is foot injury?

Although the foot area is not a major part of the body, we wouldn’t be able to walk without them.

Despite that, some employers are unaware of how dangerous foot injury is. For example, heavy objects falling on a foot can take weeks to heal. Also, sharp objects puncturing a shoe can severely harm a worker.

This is because feet have very little soft tissue as protection. Hence the need to wear the right pair of safety shoes is crucial for daily operations.

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5. Cost over Safety of Safety Shoes

As the leading safety shoes manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia, we are often approached with the question of safety shoe prices.

Even though the cost is important to consider, saving costs by buying cheap alternatives will not save lives.

That is why you will always find a cheaper option but the best pair of safety shoes can save you the cost of sending your workers to the hospital.


Protect workers with DOSH SIRIM certified safety shoes 

Foot injury is as serious as any other body injury.

Your workers are who keep your business moving. So prioritizing their health and wellbeing shouldn’t be an afterthought. 

What employers should do is to provide DOSH SIRIM certified safety shoes that has all the features a working environment needs.

After all, healthy workers leads to better productivity and efficiency which will benefit your business greatly.

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