DOSH SIRIM safety shoes are a must for ALL workers

As stated by the Malaysian OSH regulations, it is a legal requirement that employers provide DOSH SIRIM certified safety shoes for their workers.

Here at Boxter Footwear, we specialize in indestructible DOSH SIRIM certified safety shoes to protect your workers and your business.

So, here is a complete guide to DOSH SIRIM boots to help you make the right choice in work boots.

How are Safety Boots Approved by DOSH SIRIM?

Basically, all personal protective equipment (PPE) must go through strict assessment from SIRIM QAS International before receiving approval from DOSH Malaysia.

Although it may seem like a simple process, the procedure to certify any PPE especially worker’s safety shoes is quite extensive.

Mainly because the quality and durability of safety shoes is no small matter.

The process of DOSH approval for safety shoes in Malaysia

DOSH SIRIM Safety Boots Features

As of 1st October 2019, every pair of safety work boots must have the SIRIM-DOSH label. 

This is one of the Department of Safety and Health (DOSH) Malaysia initiatives to protect worker’s welfare at the workplace.

Thus, worker’s safety boots should be able to withstand several hazards that can potentially occur during work.

What are the Features of DOSH SIRIM Shoes?

The Best DOSH Safety Shoes in Malaysia

Generally, it is crucial that all workers wear DOSH-approved safety shoes in Malaysia.

Because safety workboots not only prevent injuries, but they indirectly avoid employers from possible penalties, fines and legal issues.

However, it is a difficult decision to choose which pair of safety footwear best suits workers.

List of Top DOSH Approved Work Boots

Safety Boots Supplier

So now you know what exactly is DOSH SIRIM approved safety work shoes, you should consult the best safety shoes brand.

Why search further when you can trust Boxter with the top safety shoes fully certified by DOSH & SIRIM. 

Who is the Top DOSH SIRIM Shoes Supplier in Malaysia?


Choose Certified Safety Shoes

Employers should prioritize worker’s health and safety by providing JKKP certified safety shoes. 

Hence why Boxter provides a wide variety of safety certified work boots for many industries, for any type of work.

So if you’re looking for a DOSH-SIRIM certified safety shoe manufacturer, Boxter Footwear is your top choice!

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