How Anti-Fog Goggles Provides Safety

Most worksites have temperature changes which requires workers to wear anti-fog goggles.

Safety eyewear can fog when the surrounding air is warmer than the lenses. Thus, condensation is formed, impairing vision.

In some cases, when the worker sweats, fogging can occur due to the humidity of the trapped air. Especially workers in full body PPE.

As a result, workers neglect their safety goggles. So, solve this problem by wearing fog resistant goggles. 


5 reasons workers
should wear anti-fog goggles

Reduce Fogging with Anti-fog Goggles

It is important to do a hazard analysis for the sake of the workers. On top of that, employers must match the hazard with suitable PPE.

Eye gear with no fog resistance properties will fog easily. That is why many workers opt to not wear them at all due to their impaired vision.

However, you must wear safety eyewear at all times. Especially in the presence of debris, fragments and hazardous chemicals.

By wearing anti-fog spectacles for such risks, workers are more productive without any discomfort.

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Anti-fog Glasses Increase Visibility

Never compromise vision. In a place where risks are at every corner, it demands vision.

Hence, anti-fog glasses were created to increase visibility. By using anti-fog lenses with added ventilation, you won’t experience fogging eyewear anymore.

Due to a clearer vision, workers can quickly react to tasks without fearing any visual loss.

Combat Heat & Humidity with Anti-fog Goggles

Heat and humidity can cause condensation. On the other hand, excessive heat can cause the worker to sweat which causes extra moisture. 

Thus their safety goggles will fog up within minutes. Worksites in heavy industries demand anti-fog eyewear

This is because anti-fog goggles have a fog-resistant coating that combats moisture.

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Anti-fog Goggles to Combat Heat & Humidity

Anti-fog to Environmental Changes

In some cases, workers may alternate between places of varying temperature changes. Hence, without a pair of glasses with fog resistance, fogging is bound to occur.

Environmental changes impact foodstuff and warehouse workers or first responders.

Not only do anti-fog safety goggles have ventilation valves, they are made with CE EN 166 Approved PC Lens. This can protect the workers from splashes and solid impacts safely.

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Improve Efficiency with Anti-fog Goggles

The features above and compliance of anti-fog PPE will certainly improve worker’s efficiency.

Thus, to avoid downtime or legal issues, provide fog-resistant eyewear for everyone’s safety.

Refer: Malaysian OSH Regulations.

By complying and improving sight, workers can wear their safety eye gear comfortably. Therefore their performance increases to its full potential.

Anti-fog Goggles to Improve Efficiency

Anti-fog Safety Goggles for your workers

Never neglect the safety of your workers and they won’t neglect their tasks

Eye injury may seem a small matter but vision impairment is one of the risks it entails. Therefore, equip your workers with protective eye gear designed with fog resistant technology.

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