As an employer, your workers deserve a safe and healthy working environment with DOSH SIRIM Certified Safety Boots and PPE.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is the armor industrial workers wear that guarantees safety. Workers must prepare themselves with the right PPE before handling a task, for example wearing the right safety boots, safety goggles etc…

It’s not just important to wear PPE, maintenance and instructions must be religiously followed as an added guarantee.

Refer: Malaysian OSH Regulations 

You’ve been in the industry for a long time so you must know all the risks it poses. If you know the risks, you also know how to prevent such hazards.

But how well do these protective gear actually keep workers safe?

PPE prevents work hazards by 

  1. protecting the head area from falling objects and falls.
  2. preventing debris and particles from entering the eye.
  3. filtering vapors, smoke, particles for clean breathing.
  4. protecting hands and fingers from heat and sharp edges.
  5. guarding worker’s feet from falling objects, heat, sharp materials and electric discharge.
  6. making workers visible in low visibility environments.

Safety Boots for Feet Protection

In any worksite, one staple workwear are safety boots.

Fatalities, disabilities and lost wages can be a pain to ‘cure’. Feet injury is easily prevented by following the set safety boots standards of protective work boots.

Make sure each of your workers have protective footwear that fits their job description.

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Classic Series


Classic Series Safety Boots

Heat Resistant Safety Boots


Heat Resistant Safety Boots

high cut safety boots


High Cut Safety Boots

Ladies Series Safety Boots


Ladies Series Safety Boots

Lightweight Safety Boots


Lightweight Safety Boots

Low Cut Safety Boots


Low Cut Safety Boots

Middle Cut Safety Boots


Middle Cut Safety Boots

PVC / Wellingtons Boots


PVC / Wellingtons Boots for Chemical Industry

Anti Slip Safety Boots


Anti Slip Safety Boots

Bamboo Work Socks


Bamboo Work Socks

Sport Series Safety Boots


Sport Series Safety Boots

Waterproof Series


Waterproof Series Safety Boots

Anti fog Safety Goggles for Eye Protection

Eyes are the most fragile and sensitive body part. Even the slightest dust can damage the eye.

Industrial workers are often in the presence of heavy debris and fragments which could compromise the eyes. Wearing a good pair of safety goggles can help prevent that entirely.

Besides, anti fog safety goggles can protect your eye from liquid splashes and solid impacts. 

Check through our anti-fog safety goggles here


Helmet for Head Protection

A helmet or hard hat are PPE that protects the head from major injuries caused by falling objects or falls. With so many types of helmets, there’s no way you can say there’s none fit for the job.

Nowadays you can select from so many options including features like an adjustable interior harness and comfortable sweatbands.

Helmet for Head Protection

Browse through our hard hats here.

Earplugs for Hearing Protection

Do you work in an environment with high sound levels? In that case it is very important to consider hearing protection as your PPE.

Earplugs are designed to be comfortable, but earmuffs offer more convenience as you can quickly put these on or take them off.

Respirators for Respiratory Protection

Employees regularly inhale vapors, smoke, powder or dust while performing their job.

Wearing the right dust masks offer protection against fine dust and other dangerous particles that could harm the worker’s respiratory system.

A full-face mask is used if the materials are truly toxic as they adhere tightly to the face.

If there are hazardous vapors or infectious agents, invest in respirators that can clean the particles as you inhale.


Safety Gloves for Hand Protection

Working in an industrial setting requires practical and hands-on work. Hands and fingers are on the front lines so it is vital to protect them properly with PPE.

There is not a safety glove fit for all. You can either choose a Welding Glove fit to withstand heat, PVC Dipped Glove for that extra friction or a Furniture Leather Glove for maximized durability.


Vest as Reflective Clothing

Preventing accidents with PPE is crucial in a hazardous environment such as construction and welding sites. That is why good visibility at work is a MUST.

A highly reflective vest improves self-visibility in low visibility environments for personal safety.

Being well-seen is important when on the job no matter how careful a worker can be.

So Take Care of Yourself!

Danger is at every corner. We know that better than anyone.

We as the leading and DOSH SIRIM Certified safety shoes supplier and manufacturer in Malaysia provides a selection of product compliant PPE that helps ensure a safe working environment.

If you have trouble selecting, refer to How to Choose the Right PPE to know your perfect match. We can protect you from your head to your toes!

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