What shoes are suitable for workers?

It is the responsibility of employers to provide their workers to wear safety shoes 

Workers reserve the right for suitable safety shoes (kasut keselamatan). So employers must prep all their workers with safety boots that fit their job description.

Because only with the correct personal protective equipment, particularly work shoes, will there be less injuries and legal issues. After all, a safer and better work environment is every employer’s priority.

Refer: Malaysian OSH Regulations.

However, there exists some employers who disregard such risks and proceed to buy cheaper and low quality shoes. This is not a good practice since before long, those shoes will need replacing or worse, your workers face fatalities.

Hence, appoint a HSE or health and safety manager to conduct a hazard analysis of your worksite. Based on the results, find the perfect pair of work boots (boot keselamatan) for your workers.

So let’s take a closer look at the wide variety of safety shoes suitable for workers.


10 Types of Safety Shoes that Protect your Workers

Workers Safety Shoes for Driving

Car accidents can occur due to recklessness, DUI or distraction. But, improper shoes like sandals, high heels or flip-flops can also lead to accidents.

Thus, it is essential that drivers have the right pair of safety shoes for driving that ensures safety, durability and quality.

That’s why Boxter created safety boots specifically for driving yet safe enough for industrial work in accordance with CE EN ISO 20345:2011.

Special features of driving shoes

  1. Outsoles made from abrasion resistant rubber material
  2. Anti-slip shoes with strong grip
  3. Breathable sandwich air mesh lining
  4. Washable shoes

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Heat Resistant Safety Boots

Workers exposed to high temperatures require a pair of safety shoes that can withstand extreme heat. Without it, the material will catch fire and severely burn the wearer.

So, Boxter has designed a line of fire-proof safety boots to avoid such injury. Because once you wear proper footwear, working at a steel mill, copper smelter or any high temperature environment will be a breeze.

Special features of heat resistant safety boots

  1. Outsoles made from abrasion resistant rubber material
  2. Anti-slip shoes with strong grip
  3. Breathable sandwich air mesh lining
  4. Washable shoes

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High Cut Safety Boot

If your workers complain when wearing low-cut safety boots or mid-cut safety shoes, one solution is high cut safety footwear.

So you need additional protection of the ankle and shin area with Boxter’s high cut boot ensuring all-round protection. This pair of protective boots is fit for workers in rough environments and on uneven surfaces promising comfort and safety in each step.


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Ladies Work Boots

Even ladies need their own special pair of safety girl shoes. They are specially designed for comfort, safety and style, perfect for those looking for a tough yet feminine PPE. 

Moreover, these work shoes for ladies are available for women working in construction and engineering (womens steel toe work boots) and hospitals and laboratories (white non slip shoes). So, slip resistance and comfortable mesh lining are some of its added features to prevent feet fatigue. 

Last but not least, Boxter has made its safety shoes for women electrostatic discharge (ESD) safe for electric and volatile environments. 

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Lightweight Work Boots

Boxter is a renowned light weight safety shoes supplier in Malaysia. Unlike others, Boxter has combined profound technologies with functional design for the ultimate comfort and safety.

Light weight safety boots are strong enough for feet protection yet light weight enough to support natural movements of the wearer. On the other hand, heavy safety shoes may seem sturdier and robust. But actually, it will cause excessive pressure harming the feet. 

Don’t worry about the steel toe cap, Boxter has innovated the composite toe to be lighter and thinner yet safety and comfort is not compromised at all. 

Low Cut Ankle Boots & Mid Cut Work Boots

Most workers prefer to wear ankle boots or middle cut safety shoes for their flexibility and comfort. Apart from its sleek fashion, these lightweight work boots makes working in tough industrial environments a piece of cake.

That’s why Boxter has a line of the best safety shoes such as steel toe work boots, shoes with puncture resistant soles, anti-slip boots among other heavy duty footwear

Ankle Boots for Workers Safety Shoes


Mid Cut Safety Boots

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Non Slip Workers Safety Shoes

Slip and fall accidents can happen at any time, especially in slippery and greasy environments suitable for those looking for restaurant work shoes. Therefore, slip resistant shoes are necessary to prevent these accidents from happening at the workplace. 

That’s why Boxter designed anti slip shoes that work best on wet and oily ground. They comply with the CE EN ISO 20345:2011, so workers can wear our safety footwear safely and with confidence. 

These comfortable non slip shoes have slip resistant rubber out-soles with a superior grip when exposed to watery and oily surfaces. Needless to say, they are ideal for most work areas including, restaurant, hospitality, healthcare, grocery, travel, entertainment and industrial. 


Sport Workers Safety Shoes

Some people prefer to own lots of shoes for different occasions. Others just want a pair that is suitable for anything. Thus, Boxter introduced a new wave of safety shoes fit for rough worksites, sports and casual wear.

Carefully engineered to be indestructible, these athletic shoes have lightweight material in and out to provide flexible movement and protection against hazards. 

Not only are these sporty shoes perfect for tough conditions and strenuous exercise, they look fashionable enough for casual wear as well. 

Wellingtons / PVC Boots

Aside from being uncomfortable, wet shoes will maximize the risk of slip and fall injuries. Workers in wet and slippery conditions require waterproof safety boots that keeps water out, prevents slips and trips, keeps your feet dry and clean at all times.

Boxter’s wellingtons are made from high quality PVC materials and soft fabric mesh lining, inhibiting water absorption as well as penetration. Therefore, workers can move freely in damp and water-logged environment, without worrying about getting dirty and messy.



Protect with Workers Safety Shoes

Finding the perfect safety boots for your workers should not be considered a burden

You as an employer must be aware of every hazard there possibly is at each worksite. Employees rely on their superiors to provide the best lightweight work boots for any task. 

Not completely sure which protective work shoe suits your workers the most?

Get in touch with our attentive sales team for the best option for wholesale shoes suppliers, Boxter can provide you with a selection of trendy wholesale shoes perfect for your workers.

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